Thursday, September 5, 2013

Friday Registration Confirmation and Saturday Information

There was a lot of interest in Friday tournaments. And the only way for us to handle registration fairly is to use the registration forms. And the only way for us to do fair pairings is to use the weekly entry form.  


Below you will find a list of players registered for Friday tournaments. 

The list below is not the list of players entered for this Friday's tournament. It is only the list of players who signed up for the semester.

Thursday 10pm: The deadline for weekly entries is Thursday 10pm. Please check this website late Thursday and early Friday see who will be paired for this Friday. If you are not sure if a player is entered, just enter them again. You are also welcome to withdraw them from the tournament using the same form. 

Entries are done using the "Enter a Tournament" link on the left hand side of this website. Parents must enter the player for a tournament before the deadline and they can do so up to a week in advance. 

Entered But Not Registered: Some players were entered for this Friday's tournament, but not registered for the semester. I can only pair those who are registered for the semester.

Saturday Tournaments: Everyone who entered and registered for Saturday tournaments will be accommodated. There is still space available for Saturday tournaments. I will update and publish the Saturday list soon. Please enter the tournament using the "Enter a Tournament" link so I know to pair the player, and please make sure the registration form is taken care of. 

These forms are very important and must be taken care of by deadlines, or before space is full. This is the only way I can do things fairly and efficiently.

List of Friday Players Registered for the Semester (this is not the list of players who used the "Enter a Tournament" link). 

Adithya Ramanathan
Akhila Mamandur
Aksh Patel
Alan Zhu*
Albert Yang
Albert Zhu*
Alex Ze Chen
Alexander G Wei
Andres Garcia*
Andrew Liu*
Andy Zhu
Baron T Niu
Benjamin Yang
Brian Phan-tran
Brian Xue
Carlos Arciniega
Charles Hawthorn
Chetan Gorantla
Christopher Zhou
Daniel Chen
Daniel Hung
David H Wang
Dylan Yu
Eric C Liu
Eric Li
Eric Mao
Eric Tang
Eric V Peng
Harshin Sanam
Harvey Zhu
Henry Hawthorn
Ivan Jimenez-acosta
Jack Link*
Jaden Wu*
James Li*
James Liu
James Yang
Jayden Lu
Jiangyuan Liu
John Patrick Capocyan
Jonathan Mao
Justin Hung
Justin M Sun
Karthik Nuti*
Katherine Liu*
Kevin Zhang*
Kusum C Gorantla
Maggie Ni
Maggie Yezhen Lin
Matthew Li*
Matthew Zhao
Max Song
Miles Anthony Franklin
Oliver Wang
Pranav Gopalakrishnan
Pratik Rajesh Pohuja
Ray Yu
Roy H Yue
Ryan Zhao
Samuel Yang
Shreyanth Ravi
Siddhant Patil
Sophia Si
Vatsal Mistry
Vedant Patil
Vincent Y Lin
Wei-jia Chen
Weilun Sun
William H Yue
Yanke Wang
Zachary Guo
Ziduo Yi