Monday, May 11, 2015

Rules and Tips for Players

To be posted in our tournament rooms… 


PCA Rules and Tips 


No talking or distracting behavior while the tournament is in progress. 

Show good sportsmanship, always! 

Chess players are expected to be courteous. Chess players are expected to be mature. Chess has a good reputation. Lets keep it that way! 

Be nice! 

If you watch a game, give the players some personal space. “4 feet or forfeit.” 

Set up the pieces when you are done using them. 

If you wish to leave the playing area, tell the tournament director first. 

No arguing! If your opponent makes a mistake, ask a tournament director for help. Be polite, always. Be patient. 

Focus on your own game. Never interfere with other games. If you witness a mistake, be calm and patient. If you REALLY want to help, tell a tournament director, or just let the players work it out. Players are responsible for their own games. 

The chess equipment may only be used for real chess. 

Touch move, always! 

A clean chess club is a happy chess club! Please return pencils and books. Please push in chairs. Please be considerate. Leave things the same or better. 

If you are notating, you might wish to write down someone’s rating. Use the Wallchart or Pairing sheet. 

Again, be nice! 

Have fun. 


Have a great day!