Thursday, June 6, 2013


Saturday's tournament just finished. The tournament has been submitted for rating (7:06pm). Here are the final standings.

Friday's tournament just finished at 10:20pm! The event has been submitted for rating.

Players Entered for the June 7 and June 8 Tournaments

Friday Players (Alphabetical)
Friday Players (By Rating)
Saturday Players (Alphabetical)

Saturday Players (By Rating)

These players used the "Enter a Tournament!" online entry form (located on the left of Please remember that the deadlines are 10pm Thursday and 10pm Friday.

Registered Players for Summer 2013
Summer 2013 Friday Tournaments
Summer 2013 Saturday Tournaments

This is a list of players that were entered via the Summer 2013 Tournament Registration form.

Corrections to the list:
These players are registered also.
Rohen Chawla
Brian Phan-Tran